SoonerOkie is your neighbor in Oklahoma City. From single-family homes to corporate offices, we have designed and maintained landscapes in the Oklahoma City market area for over fifteen years.

Become the envy of your neighborhood.  SoonerOkie is fully staffed with experienced personnel who have made caring for customers their careers.

Our landscape staff will create an aesthetically pleasing space, optimized for functionality throughout the design. We account for every inch of landscape and hardscape to provide a comfortable living or working area that fits within your budget.

Our Landscape Design and Maintenance Process

  • Call our office at (405) 789-9600 and schedule your consultation. One of our team’s design staff will arrive at your location to provide a FREE on-site evaluation of your property. The first order of business is to answer any questions and address concerns you may have with our design and maintenance products.

“It went well. They installed a nine-zone irrigation system. I dealt with Mark Patterson, he was very professional and prompt. His crew was very professional and prompt as well, did a great job.” Angie’s List said on 08/07/2017

  • Second, we take precise measurements of your property, including path/driveways, natural areas, and right of ways. We make a preliminary sketch of existing trees and shrubs and do our best to mark off any underground utilities. At this stage of the topography process, our technician finds any design or maintenance challenges to your property.
  • Depending on the complexity of the design or maintenance requirements, our technician will address your wants and needs. If the landscape or hardscape requirements are too complex for an on-spot quote, another appointment is set at a time convenient to you.
  • With our Quote for landscape design and installation, we provide a sketch including all hardscapes and landscape elements and what SoonerOkie is going to perform. At this time, we answer all your questions and let you choose any other details such as plant material or sod type.

We provide a hard schedule at the time of our Quote.

  • Once we have an approved contact, work begins.

Our services can be a full or partial landscape or irrigation design and installation. Depending on your needs and budget, we can install as much or as little irrigation as you wish. Services begin with initial discussions of your wants and needs; from there, we go in the direction of your choosing.


Our maintenance programs are a bi-weekly, monthly, or any custom schedule.  If you have taken advantage of any of our installation services, Please contact SoonerOkie’s irrigation maintenance department for your ongoing needs.

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Our maintenance services can be as comprehensive or simple as your needs warrant. Our irrigation and landscape maintenance services include the following.

  • General Flower bed, natural area, and maintenance
  • Spring/Fall clean up and seasonal color additions
  • Winterizing Irrigation systems
  • Periodic irrigation start-up and shut down service
  • Leaf removal, mulching, re-conditioning flower beds, and natural areas
  • Custom irrigation services

Retaining Walls

SoonerOkie is a premier contractor for all types of retaining walls in the Oklahoma City market area. Our design expertise is unmatched in our market. We would love to offer any homeowner or commercial property manager a FREE Quote for a custom retaining wall.

A well designed and installed retaining wall can add a dramatic component to any yard or commercial space. Retaining walls help to reclaim lost space as well. These hardscapes come in every shape and size imaginable. Some retaining walls may only be a few bars high and very short, while other walls can reach several bars high and hundreds of feet in length. That is why it is vital to call SoonerOkie with any questions.

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SoonerOkie specializes in four types of retaining walls.

  • Gravity walls are the most basic type of retaining wall. The gravity wall uses sheer weight and mass to hold the bars in place. This type of wall allows for the greatest variety when it comes to a design choice. SoonerOkie will help you decide if this is the type of wall that is needed for your property. The gravity wall may require a small trench to be dug, or another option is a concrete footer.
  • The second retaining wall SoonerOkie specializes in is the Cantilevered Wall. This variety is excellent for attaching the wall to a concrete slab, say in the driveway. A cantilevered wall is reinforced by steel beams driven vertically through the top to the bottom of the wall. SoonerOkie recommends this type of wall for our commercial customers because of its sheer strength. There are sometimes vertical walls designed into the Cantilever for added strength and rigidity.

On 04/13/2017, Angie’s List recommended SoonerOkie, “Went Great! Guys were on time and very professional. Kevin did a wonderful job.”

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  • A wall for your consideration is the Sheet Piling Retaining Wall. SoonerOkie will recommend this structure when space is limited. The Sheet Piling Walls we build are very light and made from steel, wood, or maybe vinyl.  Our installers drive the structure directly into the soil. For these types of retaining walls to work correctly, the ground must be soft, because at least a third of the wall structure must be driven down into the soil.
  • SoonerOkie specializes in the Anchored Retaining Wall. This type of structure allows for a wide variety of designs and configurations. The wall is supported by cables driven into the soil from the back of the wall. These specialty anchors are mechanically driven, usually into a concrete block for maximum support. The Anchored Retaining Wall is structurally thinner and can accept higher loads.

“Cost was good. They showed up when they said they would and knocked the work out in only one-day. They were good to come back out and make adjustments and to make sure we were pleased with the work.”  Angie’s List


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