Our great neighbors in the Oklahoma City market area know how vital irrigation services have become. Our company specializes in all types of irrigation installation and maintenance. Our fifteen years of direct irrigation experience is showcased with each customer we meet.

SoonerOkie uses Top-tier manufacturers for design and installation guidance.

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Our Residential and Commercial Irrigation Installation Services.  

  • Our technicians visit the property to discuss your irrigation wants and needs. We take precise measurements, taking notes of any challenges. We indicate all the significant structures in and around your home, such as trees and natural areas, driveways, and pathways.
  •  The next step is to divide your property into different zones, such as the front and back yards, shrub and lawn, and shady areas. Planning the most efficient system means we must first determine how much water is available.  The next step, when is the best time to water each zone?  Where will the water come from? Are you going to tap into the city line or maybe a well?
  • After fundamental features of your system have been laid out and approved, our SoonerOkie technician will help you decide on specific irrigation products.
  • The companies we represent offer a considerable number of commercial and residential irrigation products. SoonerOkie can offer our customers varied designs in every product category.

Our company will answer every question you have during the design and installation process. SoonerOkie has years of experience in designing the correct and most efficient systems.

“They were competitive with their bid, were out within 2 weeks to start the job. They completed the job in one day, and Kevin came back to explain the functionality of the system. Overall, everything went very smoothly!”  Angie’s List 2017

The irrigation systems we install are top quality from our market-leading suppliers such as Rain Bird and Hunter. Our irrigation installations utilize more heads per zone than any other system in our market area. Good coverage is one of the essential aspects of your system.

SoonerOkie Irrigation specializes in the three most efficient residential sprinkler heads.

  • Large Area Rotors, cover an area approximately 25′ x 25′. This number is not a hard and fast rule, only a guideline. Many factors go into deciding on the correct sprinkler head for your home. These heads are an excellent choice for large area yards and turf.
  • Rotating Stream Spray Sprinklers are rotating nozzles designed to deliver a lower rate of water in a continuous spray pattern or an ARC pattern. In some instances, these nozzles can be radius-adjusted if needed. The inner workings of these nozzles are uncomplicated; the water spins a simple turbine attached to a series of gears.
  • Small Area Fixed Spray Sprinklers, produce a stationary fan of water and can be installed as a pop-up or fixed riser head. These nozzles disperse delicate sprays of water anywhere from 3 to 15 feet. These spray heads are best suited for small yards and commercial areas.

Angie’s List A Rated 2017, “very, very well, they came out promptly to **** what needed to be done and give an estimate. We were told they would call and come the next week to do the work, and they did. The job Was done quickly, very professionally, and they cleaned up after themselves.”

Our Residential Drainage Solutions

Drainage problems can often be a significant headache and are often expensive problems to resolve correctly. If you notice any of the following conditions, you must call SoonerOkie immediately. Call (405) 789-9600 and let one of our techs come out to inspect your property.

  • Soil, if there are muddy spots in one area of your lawn and dry in the next, your soil could be causing a drainage problem.  The three basic soil types are clay, silt, and sand. If your yard is substantial in any of the three, you are going to have a drainage problem. Let SoonerOkie come out and recondition your lawn with coarse aggregate.
  • Drainage pipes have roots and are breaking down, and your drains are backing up. To solve this problem, SoonerOkie will clean out the pipes and then re-install with a heavy filter fabric wrapping. The joints will also be re-glued to keep pipelines safe.
  • Grading is often the number one cause of drainage problems. Homebuilders do not always get the grading correct when building the home; water becomes trapped and flows toward the home. The solution is often messy and expensive and involves a new drainage plan.
  • Downspouts and gutter are improperly installed or are filled with debris or leaves. Fixing this problem, all downspouts need to be pointed far away from the home. If this problem is not fixed, water can pool around the downspouts and then lead into the basement or foundation. Again, this is an easy fix, but it can cause significant headaches if ignored.

The experts at SoonerOkie can offer several solutions to Your Drainage Problems, including the following.

  • If your drainage problems are incredibly severe, we may recommend restructuring the land. This option is generally the last recommendation if you want a permanent long-term solution. We apply several techniques from back-fill to grading.
  • Our custom-built French Drains are a popular choice among our neighbors. A French Drain absorbs water from the surrounding soil and channels it away from your home. A French Drain consists of perforated PVC piping and a filter material laid in a trench with drainage rock.
  • When properly designed and installed, SoonerOkie Retaining Walls are an extremely effective means for controlling drainage problems. Retaining walls can fit within a budget and designed to make an aesthetically appealing addition to your home.
  • Regrading and Swales are sometimes the best answer to drainage problems without any mechanical components. It is often an excellent solution to regrade specific areas of a home’s landscape. The solution may involve removing grass, relocating utility lines, and laying new sod.

Call SoonerOkie immediately (405) 789-9600 if you have any concerns or problems with your landscape. We are experts at the design and installation process involving water drainage.