The following images represent our work; we are incredibly proud of the following images.

These pictures represent our capabilities as a company.

Please enjoy the pictures and let us know when we can start an irrigation or Landscape project for you. (405) 789-9600. The jobs we perform are never too small and never too big for SoonerOkie.

These pictures should inspire future customers to think about what may be needed with their property. Anyone of our knowledgeable staff members can answer questions and help in the design process.

Begin making plans for your irrigation and landscape needs by calling one of our experts now at (405) 789-9600

Our company can build irrigation and landscapes for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. The irrigation systems we install are the key to a healthy and robust lawn.

Use the images of our Retaining Walls to start your creative juices flowing. Projects take planning and extensive feedback from our homeowners. It is exciting for us to take a raw piece of land and then be proud of that work, with a picture of the finished project.

SoonerOkie specializes in the installation of landscape projects such as flower beds and walkways. Call one of our planning specialists now to begin your project (405) 789-9600

SoonerOkie will provide a dramatic element to a homeowner’s property with the addition of Landscape Lighting. There is nothing more stunning than nighttime illumination for your landscape.