About Us

SoonerOkie Irrigation is a premier Landscape and Irrigation Contractor in the Oklahoma City metro area. Our company has been your neighbor for over fifteen years and counting.

Every member of the team has made our customers “Complete Satisfaction” their career. SoonerOkie, owned by Mark Patterson and Kevin Salter, is a locally owned and operated company. We Boast boast an A rating at the Better Business Bureau of Oklahoma City.

SoonerOkie specializes in the installation, repair, and maintenance of Irrigation and Landscape systems. We also provide residential lighting for homeowners in our market area. SoonerOkie has a full understanding of all the building codes in our local market. This understanding of the codes puts our customers at ease; they are assured of a quality job done correctly.

If you have any questions, Contact us at (405) 789-9600.

SoonerOkie Irrigation began business in the heart of Oklahoma City in 2007. Our most significant achievement to date is the widespread acceptance of our business practices among the very best builders in the City. Over sixty home design specialists and craftsmen use SoonerOkie for every type of Landscape and Irrigation need.

We have built our business into one of the very best landscape and irrigation companies in the region. We provide our customers with exceptional service and support to solve their home management concerns.

A few of the Services We Offer to our Oklahoma City Neighbors

Landscaping, Ponds, Water Gardens

Sprinkler Systems

Outdoor Lighting


Repairs and Maintenance, Landscape and Irrigation

French and Trench Drains, Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Sump Pumps, Installation, Repairs, and Maintenance

Surface Drains, Design, Repairs, Maintenance, and Leveling

Residential and Commercial Drainage Design, Installation, Flood and Erosion Damage Repair

Our extensive range of residential and commercial products and services continues to pace the industry in Oklahoma City and beyond. Through the years, we have maintained our market-leading position, by putting our customers first. We have continued to expand our market by offering the very best technologically advanced irrigation products available.

The SoonerOkie crew is a hardworking and experienced group, knowledgeable in all things dealing with irrigation and landscape services. Each of our employees has the expertise to get the job done.

Innovations and close working relationships with the home and commercial builders in Oklahoma City have made us a trusted and knowledgeable partner. Our impeccable reputation to customer care and quality workmanship has earned trust from our clients and vendors we do business with.

Our Services

Mission Statement

SoonerOkie will conduct our business to the highest values of honesty, the responsibility to our customers, and quality work. Each of our employees will put our customers first in everything we do.

Complete customer satisfaction is the number one goal of SoonerOkie Irrigation.

Our company will strive for excellence in every product or service we sell. We will build a mutually beneficial relationship with every customer and vendor we come in contact with. It is our goal to be an efficient provider of landscape and irrigation services throughout the Oklahoma City market area.

SoonerOkie will strive for excellence.

Have Fun!